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Appreciate the new work of designs and talents are the main goal of SingaPlural 2014. This is the platform that bring in the opportunities to cooperation with producers, retailers, and other design business people.

BY Editor

20 January, 2015

Text: Sunthy Sunowo  Translated by: Lisa Amelia Web Editor: Anindia Karlinda

As the anchor event of Singapore Design Week 2014, SingaPlural 2014 consist of some activities to synergize the design business in Singapore and neighbouring country. With the tagline “Celebrating Design”, DesignSingapore Council brings up the challenge for young designers and new talents to emerge and showcase their works.

Other form of appriciation is expressed through design award which is organized to stimulate a better design quality. The Singapore Good Design Mark, which sets the high benchmark of quality in Singapore, is one of them. There is also The Singapore Design Business Summit that brings in experts form many disciplinary fields who consider design as one of the tool to achieve a better productivity and business growth.

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The opening of National Design Centre also brought a positive impact to SingaPlural 2014. Many activities held in the building created such stronger presence that called out all kinds of design community into an active involvement network to support each other, some of the activities are Value of Design Forum, Career Advise, Design Conversations, Singapore Creative CSR Awards, dan Furniture Design Awards 2014.

Singapore Good Design Mark is awarded to both design and designer for the high quality work of design and also for having designed with significance contribution to the level of comfort for the users.

Furniture Design Award 2014 is an annual competition organized by Singapore Furniture Industries Council to give the young generation an opportunity in achieving their best work in furniture design. The competition has enter the 8th year to capture new talents in the growing industry. Nomination for the competition was exhibited in the Gallery 2, level 2, National Design Centre.

30 Life Stories-I Remember Park showcased thirty installations, created by designers, students, and creative artists to represent the thoughts and memories of a park through design of wood log. The theme “irememberparks” gives a deeper meaning to the exhibitions, and the work of Claudio Colucci, Spectrum can also be found, spreading out a more colorful mood to the park.

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